Books read in 2019

The People in the Trees (Hanya Yanagihara; 2013. Fiction.) RFS
A Sorrow Beyond Dreams (Peter Handke; 1972. Fiction.) RFS
Upgrade Soul (Ezra Claytan Daniels; 2016. Graphic fiction.) LIB
Fieldwork (Mischa Berlinski; 2007. Fiction.) RFS
Becoming (Michelle Obama; 2018. Non-fiction.) RFS
The Widower’s Notebook (Jonathan Santlofer; 2018. Non-fiction.) RFS
Reasons to Stay Alive (Matt Haig; 2015. Non-fiction.) RFS
Paper Girls, Vol. 5 (Brian K. Vaughan; 2018. Graphic fiction.) LIB
Fear: Trump in the White House (Bob Woodward; 2018. Non-fiction.) RFS
The Shakespeare Requirement (Julie Schumacher; 2018. Fiction.) RFS

Guitar Zero: The New Musician and the Science of Learning (Gary Marcus; 2012. Non-fiction.) RFS
Ghost Wall (Sarah Moss; 2018. Fiction.) LIB
A Loss for Words: The Story of Deafness in a Family (Lou Ann Walker; 1986. Non-fiction.) ATY
Gone for Good (Harlan Coben; 2002. Fiction.) RFS
The Science of Evil: On Empathy and the Origins of Cruelty (Simon Baron-Cohen; 2011. Non-fiction.) ATY
First, Learn to Practice (Tom Heany; 2012. Non-fiction.) ATY
The Current (Tom Johnston; 2019. Fiction.) LIB
How to Love Your Flute (Mark Shepard; 1979. Non-fiction.) LIB
The Sirens of Titan (Kurt Vonnegut; 1959. Fiction.) RFS
Seven Brief Lessons on Physics (Carlo Rovelli; 2014. Non-fiction.) RFS

Man-eaters, Vol. 1 (Chelsea Cain; 2019. (Graphic fiction.) OTH
Paddle Your Own Canoe (Nick Offerman; 2013. Non-fiction.) LIB
Why Art? (Eleanor Davis; 2018. Graphic non-fiction.) LIB
The Silent Patient (Alex Michaelides; 2019. Fiction.) ATY
The Walking Dead, Vol. 31 (Robert Kirkman; 2019. Graphic fiction.) OTH
All Systems Red (Martha Wells; 2017. Fiction.) LIB
Are We Smart Enough to Know How Smart Animals Are? (Frans de Waal; 2016. Non-fiction.) RFS
Grass Kings, Vol. 2 (Matt Kindt; 2018. Graphic fiction.) LIB
The Wall (John Lanchester; 2019. Fiction.) ATY
Inspection (Josh Malerman; 2019. Fiction.) LIB
D’Aulaires Book of Norse Myths (Ingri Mortenson and Edgar Parin d’Aulaire; 1967. Fiction.) RFS
Sweat (Lynn Nottage; 2015. Drama.) LIB
Norse Mythology (Neil Gaiman; 2017. Fiction.) RFS
The Orchid Thief (Susan Orlean; 1998. Non-fiction.) RFS

The Story of Arthur Truluv (Elizabeth Berg; 2017. Fiction.) ATY
Dopesick: Dealers, Doctors, and the Drug Company that Addicted America (Beth Macy; 2018. Non-fiction.) RFS
Crow Lake (Mary Lawson; 2002. Fiction.) RFS
Grass Kings, Vol. 3 (Matt Kindt; 2018. Graphic fiction.) LIB
Charmed Particles (Chrissy Kolaya; 2015. Fiction.) RFS
How to Be a Good Creature: A Memoir in Thirteen Animals (Sy Montgomery; 2018. Non-fiction.) LIB
Belonging: A German Reckons with History and Home (Nora Krug; 2018. Graphic non-fiction.) LIB
Paying for the Party: How College Maintains Inequality (Elizabeth Armstrong and Laura Hamilton; 2013. Non-fiction.) LIB
To Walk the Night (William Sloane; 1937. Fiction.) RFS
The Awakening (Kate Chopin; 1899. Fiction.) RFS
The Pigman (Paul Zindel; 1968. Fiction.) ATY
Gideon Falls, Vol. 2: Original Sins (Jeff Lemire; 2019. Graphic fiction.) OTH
The Test (Sylvain Neuvel ; 2018. Fiction.) ATY
Nobody’s Fool: The Life and Times of Schlitzie the Pinhead (Bill Griffith; 2019. Graphic non-fiction.) LIB
Hey, Kiddo (Jarrett J. Krosoczka; 2018. Graphic non-fiction.) RFS

Still Life (Louise Penny; 2005. Fiction.) ATY
The Uses of Enchantment (Heidi Julavits; 2006. Fiction.) RFS
Hamlet (William Shakespeare; 1602. Drama.) RFS
Where Reasons End (Yiyun Li; 2019. Fiction.) LIB
The Farm (Joanne Ramos; 2019. Fiction.) ATY
The Last Stone (Mark Bowden; 2019. Non-fiction.) ATY

A Fatal Grace (Louise Penny; 2007. Fiction.) ATY
Oblivion Song, Vol. 2 (Robert Kirkman; 2019. Graphic fiction.) ATY
The Suspect (L.R. Wright; 1985. Fiction.) RFS
True West (Sam Shepard; 1980. Drama.) RFS
Beowulf (Trans. Seamus Heaney; 2000. Poetry.) RFS
Man-Eaters, Vol. 2 (Chelsea Cain; 2019. Graphic fiction.) OTH
The Class Ceiling: Why it Pays to be Privileged (Sam Friedman and Daniel Laurison; 2019. Non-fiction.) LIB
The Rise of Life on Earth (Joyce Carol Oates; 1991. Fiction.) RFS
Recursion (Blake Crouch; 2019. Fiction.) ATY

American Spy (Lauren Wilkinson; 2019. Fiction.) ATY
An Odyssey: A Father, a Son, and an Epic (Daniel Mendelsohn; 2017. Non-fiction.) RFS
The Odyssey (Gareth Hinds; 2010. Graphic fiction.) ATY
Women Talking (Miriam Toews; 2019. Fiction.) ATY
The Wicked and the Divine, Vol. 1: The Faust Act (Kieron Gellen; 2014. Graphic fiction.) LIB

The Mighty Franks (Michael Frank; 2017. Non-fiction.) RFS
My Sister, The Serial Killer (Oyinkan Braithwaite; 2018. Fiction.) ATY
The Art of Racing in the Rain (Garth Stein; 2008. Fiction.) RFS
The Walking Dead, Vol. 32: Rest In Peace (Robert Kirkman; 2019. Graphic fiction.) OTH
The Cruelest Month (Louise Penny; 2008. Fiction.) ATY
Where’d You Go, Bernadette (Maria Semple; 2012. Fiction.) RFS

Audubon: On the Wings of the World (Fabien Grolleau and Jérémie Royer; 2017. Graphic non-fiction.) LIB
Howards End (E.M. Forster; 1910. Fiction.) RFS
Hope Rides Again (Andrew Shaffer; 2019. Fiction.) ATY
Outcast, Vol. 7 (Robert Kirkman; 2019. Graphic fiction.) OTH
Orange Is the New Black (Piper Kerman; 2014. Non-fiction.) RFS
American Prison (Shane Bauer; 2018. Non-fiction.) ATY
A Doll House (Henrik Ibsen (Trans. Rolf Fjelde); 1879. Drama.) RFS
The Testaments (Margaret Atwood; 2019. Fiction.) ATY
Milkweed (Jerry Spinelli; 2003. Fiction.) RFS
Ulysses (James Joyce; 1922. Fiction.) RFS
They Called Us Enemy (George Takei; 2017. Graphic non-fiction.) LIB
Lunch Poems (Frank O’Hara; 1964. Poetry.) RFS
The Summer Book (Tove Jansson; 1972. Fiction.) RFS

Joyce’s Ulysses (James A.W. Heffernan; 2001. Non-fiction.) RFS
Paper Girls, Vol. 6 (Brian K. Vaughan; 2019. Graphic fiction.) LIB
Oblivion Song, Vol. 3 (Robert Kirkman; 2019. Graphic fiction.) LIB
But is it art? (Cynthia Freeland; 2001. Non-fiction.) RFS
Player Piano (Kurt Vonnegut; 1952. Fiction.) RFS
Gideon Falls, Vol. 3: Stations of the Cross (Jeff Lemire; 2019. Graphic fiction.) OTH
Old in Art School (Nell Irvin Painter; 2018. Non-fiction.) RFS
A Rule against Murder (Louise Penny; 2009. Fiction.) ATY
Mere Motherhood (Cindy Rollins; 2016. Non-fiction.) RFS

Romeo and Juliet (William Shakespeare; 1597. Drama.) RFS
Wild Game (Adrienne Brodeur; 2019. Non-fiction.) LIB
The Years That Matter Most (Paul Tough; 2019. Non-fiction.) LIB
Who Was Andy Warhol? (Kristen Anderson; 2014. Non-fiction.) LIB
Oedipus the King (Sophocles (Trans. Ian Johnston; 2007); 429 B.C. Drama.) RFS
Man-eaters, Vol. 3 (Chelsea Cain; 2019. (Graphic fiction.) OTH
The Privileged Poor (Anthony Abraham Jack; 2019. Non-fiction.) ATY
Tell No One (Harlan Coben; 2001. Fiction.) RFS
An Iliad (Alessandro Baricco; 2006. Fiction.) RFS
Letters from a Stoic (Seneca (Robin Campbell, ed.) c. 65 A.D. Non-fiction.) RFS
In the Woods (Tana French; 2007. Fiction.) RFS
No Small Gift (Jennifer Franklin; 2018. Poetry.) ATY
All the Names They Used for God (Anjali Sachdeva; 2018. Fiction.) ATY

The Boy, the Mole, the Fox, and the Horse (Charlie Mackesy; 2019. Fiction.) ATY
Ascender, Vol. 1 (Jeff Lemire; 2019. (Graphic fiction.) LIB
Universal Harvester (John Darnielle; 2017. Fiction.) RFS
Ten Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now (Jaron Lanier; 2018. Non-fiction.) LIB
A Warning (Anonymous; 2019. Non-fiction.) ATY
The Book of Job (Trans. Stephen Mitchell; 1979. Poetry / Religion.) RFS
The Late Starters Orchestra (Ari L. Goldman; 2014. Non-fiction.) ATY
Moby-Dick; or, The Whale (Herman Melville; 1851. Fiction.) RFS
Dive Deeper: Journeys with Moby-Dick (George Cotkin; 2012. Non-fiction.) ATY
Shortest Way Home (Pete Buttigieg; 2019. Non-fiction.) ATY

ATY Acquired this year
LIB Borrowed from library
OTH Other
RFS Read from shelves