Hills on the prairie

img_0338img_0432Ah, the weather. From 65 degrees last Saturday to 29 this. It must be Chicago or thereabouts, no?

Well, we didn’t let a bit of snow or wind deter us from our walk / hike — or from our fifth geocaching find. After attempting four and  coming away with two while visiting our daughters at university, we were pleased to find the more traditional geocache at the site pictured above. It was a lovely walk, too.

2 thoughts on “Hills on the prairie

  1. Thought of you today so popped over. I have been playing with the cloudspotting app even though I nornally refuse to pay for apps. Not sure if that something that you would be interested in. I am mainly doing it because I’ve been studying the clouds because I have been learning to paint and landscapes is what I want to do.

    Hello to your family and I hope all is well. I couldn’t handle reading the latest postIng, i’m so sorry for that tragedy.

    If you are curious when I’m up to you can look at my Instagram. I believe from a PC you can still look at Instagram post made by other people even if you don’t have the (free) app. My blog is still private due to issues with privacy regarding my now sons, now 19 & 16. I could still be posting even though it’s private but I haven’t been, too busy taking art college classes. And I’ve also been working out a lot but I don’t post selfie’s of myself and exercise clothes. LOL IG = christinemm99.

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    • PS Siri dictation has wrong programming regarding the apostrophe. And always put an apostrophe for all plurals which really ticks me off and it does AutoCorrect to remove an apostrophe when you’re trying to show possession. I just noticed the typo that I failed to correct it before I hit the publish. Groan…

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