Up early again

A rhythmic  thrum-thump woke me just after 4 a.m. Certain that the HVAC tech had (perhaps wittingly?) dislodged something during yesterday’s clean-and-check, I leaned against the unit with a mug of coffee, analyzing the fan’s every noise before conceding that all seemed fine. By then, my husband had joined me, so we stepped outside to look at the moon. And thrum-thump, thrum-thump! Music? Was someone hosting a party? Where? And why had it begun after 4?

Grateful the source of the noise wasn’t in our house, we finished the morning chores, grabbed some breakfast bars, and headed to the conservation area. 

Early rising

Taken yesterday at the end of our walk.

We rose before 5 a.m. yesterday and today to ensure we enjoyed two walks in one of the conservation areas this weekend. The trails we love are all relatively near, but we have limited time most weekday mornings. In the twenty-ish minutes it takes to drive to another location we could log a mile walking in the neighborhood; ditto for the trip home. Since our goal is a minimum of four miles each morning before my husband begins work, the drive makes no sense Monday through Friday. So we “schedule” our weekend walks to visit beautiful trails, birdwatch, “forest bathe,” etc.

Still walking

Seen last weekend while walking and birdwatching.

Four miles in the morning before it gets too hot has been working out for us most days. Recently, we traded our weekday neighborhood route for the prairie trail. Why we didn’t do this sooner remains a mystery, but we’re glad for the prettier and joint-friendlier walk. On the weekends, we head to the state park or one of the county conservation areas.

The rest of my summer has centered on reading and study, yard work and gardening (our “pollinator pockets” have proven quite successful), and preparation for the upcoming recital (yes, live and in-person — I’ll be playing the Allegro molto from Schubert’s Sonatina in D Major).