By the numbers

The 2.75-mile trail along which we logged five geocaches.

Number of weeks, more or less, since my last post.

Number of days in our daughters’ spring break, during which they studied, researched, and recharged at home.

Number of geocaches we logged during their break. What a delight to share this new pursuit with them!

Number of trips into Chicago during spring break: one for the Lyric Opera’s Eugene Onegin (review here) and one for Love’s Labor’s Lost at the Chicago Shakespeare Theater (review here).

Number of hours I will have worked (early voting and Election Day) for the Consolidated Primary and the Consolidated Election. The turnout was much larger in October and November, which is both normal (Presidential Election) and puzzling (when you consider that local elections have an immediate impact on a voter’s life).

Number of weeks I’ve completed in my latest MOOC. (Three to go.) This one concerns reading in the digital age and has sent me to the shelves for my copies of The Shallows (Nicholas Carr) and The Gutenberg Elegies (Sven Birkerts).

Number of books I’ve already read this year. This is shaping up to be the first “Big (Reading) Year” I’ve posted since adopting a “reading slowly” approach. I haven’t moved away from that; rather, I simply have even more time to read. Book notes to follow.

5 thoughts on “By the numbers

    • My Amazon wishlist seems to grow with nearly every one of your posts. I just added THE GUTTENBERG ELEGIES. I am looking forward to your book notes as well. I am also becoming more and more tempted to take up the geocache hobby based on your posts.

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      • Ellie, I think I appreciate The Shallows more on rereading, and The Gutenberg Elegies will fill a commonplace book.

        Joseph, I’d apologize about the wishlist, but I think we both know growing wishlists are a good thing. :o)

        Re: geocaching. As I shared, I (re)learned about the pursuit from a fellow election judge during the recent consolidated primary. I’m now working early voting shifts in the consolidated election, and last week another election judge and I ended up talking about geocaching. When I saw her yesterday, she had downloaded an app and was making plans to log a cache near our voting site!

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