Book notes

I have recently acquired the top three books on the stack, finished the bottom four plus Conversion (Katherine Howe), and been reading the rest.

From Hard Times (Charles Dickens):

p. 47
It was one of the most exasperating attributes of Bounderby, that he not only sang his own praises but stimulated other men to sing them. There was a moral infection of clap-trap in him.

p. 277
“I beg your pardon for interrupting you, sir,” returned Bitzer; “but I am sure you know that the whole social system is a question of self-interest. What you must always appeal to, is a person’s self-interest. It’s your only hold….”

From Withnail and I (Bruce Robinson):

MARWOOD: Never discuss your family, do you?

WITHNAIL: I fail to see my family is of any interest to you — I have absolutely no interest in yours — I dislike relatives in general, and my own in particular.


WITHNAIL: Because… I’ve told you why… we’re incompatible. They don’t like me being on stage.

MARWOOD: Then they must be delighted with your career.

WITHNAIL: What d’you mean?

MARWOOD: You rarely are.

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