New books and other great stuff

4B46B611-55A9-4628-B19D-3B26A2BE1DE1This week provides a bit of a breather between two fairly momentous events: my older daughter’s college graduation and my younger daughter’s departure for an internship at [insert name of U.S. national laboratory here]. Soon, everything will change again, but in this brief, not-quite-yet space, we have been assembling our Girls Rule! summer book club list (more about that soon), shopping for career wear (theirs), swapping work stories, planning the next few weekends of theater and museum adventures, walking, working in the yards, and simply enjoying one another’s company.

My school year concludes soon, which should translate into a bit more time to post about some of the terrific books I’ve read and plays I’ve seen this year. And I have plenty to say about adult music-learning and -making, too. Until then, pics of recent acquisitions must do.

One thought on “New books and other great stuff

  1. Congratulations to your oldest! And youngest!
    Love when you post books you’ve read or plays you’ve seen. I’ve followed your blog since it’s inception (mmv), and was esp inspired in the early days by the home schooling/ literature posts… and now I’m about to graduate my youngest from high school.

    I think it was 10-15 years ago you wrote about Enders Game and it is continually on our family’s “best read “ list. Thanks for the intro to that book and author!

    Still enjoying your book reccs (and occasional family updates)all these years later.

    Wishing you the best

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