School closures

My school was closed Monday for snow. They were also closed early on Tuesday and all day Wednesday and Thursday for extreme cold. When I learned about the mid-week closures, I promised myself I would treat the days off as the gifts they were. No “getting ahead” on weekly chores. The house is immaculate. No reshelving projects. No reorganizing closets. No comparison shopping for a new lawn mower. The library looks wonderful. So do the closets. And I have at least six weeks on the lawn mower purchase.

Relax, I told myself. Approach the days with some child-like delight.

So, yes, I finished our federal and state tax returns, but I also finished Season 6 of Parks and Recreation and three books. Yeah, I caught up on correspondence with out-of-state family, practiced my music, and exercised. But I also slept in a bit and woke up without an alarm clock. And we made fun food: one-pot pasta and crunchy garlic bread; bacon sandwiches; brownies.

For two days: No makeup. No hair products. No work clothes.

I look forward to working with my students tomorrow; I do, after all, like my job. But what a week; Friday is already here!

2 thoughts on “School closures

  1. Because we homeschool, there’s been a bit of a surreal quality to it all … daily home routine stayed the same, but no public library, no mail delivery, no newspaper delivery … I feel suspended. Looking forward to a day with normal services!

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    • That may explain my initial reaction to the closures, which was, “What? Why?” During the 2013/14 polar vortex, we were in the middle of what would be the last year of our home education adventure. I guess we were oblivious to the closures… swim practice continued, as did piano lessons. And none of our services ceased. This time, it’s as if the world stopped! Still, I did relish the days off.


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