Late May

EB3E0261-41EE-4FF7-8B5B-1E059C0F7F1B Over the last two or so weeks, Baltimore orioles, rose-breasted grosbeaks, ruby-throated hummingbirds, white-crowned sparrows, American redstarts, and indigo buntings have returned to our yards, as have the small purple flowers of a plant I lazily dropped in a bare spot in the semi-tamed area out back four years ago. That each spring since I have been so richly rewarded for so little effort (I do not even know what kind of plant it is!) is such delight in this weird, uncertain time.

One thought on “Late May

  1. Love this! Your little plant is Creeping Phlox, my favorite. I add some each spring to my beds, then they spread thickly with that luscious green topped purples and deep pinks. I’ve had lots of birds, too, (wish I had some rose-breasted grosbeaks though) many of which are now nesting. One hummer family returned in April and must have nested right away. We’ve enjoyed watching them bring the young ones to the feeder. The goldfinches are still all over the place. As our world changes, it’s comforting to see the natural world continue as it always has. I’m thankful we can appreciate that.

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