Our first visitor since February


Recent acquisitions.

Seemingly overnight, the kitchen faucet grew stiff, refusing to swing from one sink to the other. After watching a few DIY videos, I decided to call my plumber. As it turns out, the problem was a bit more involved than new o-rings and lubricant, so we ended up with a new faucet.

“Want something different?” he asked before heading out to pick up the replacement.

What I thought: No. No, I do not. I want it to be precisely the same as it was just before it ceased swinging effortlessly from one sink to the other. Make my faucet work or put in its twin. And be quick, darn it; there’s a pandemic going on out there!

What I said: No, thank you. Hey, and how long will that take?

We wore masks. All of the windows were open. I’ve cleaned and cleaned again. I am fervently hoping that’s enough. But, well, I worry.

On the bright side, the shiny new faucet swings from one sink to the other.

And I received some new books.

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