Postcard Poems

I’ve reblogged the following post to encourage you to purchase Postcard Poems by Jeanne Griggs.

Necromancy Never Pays

My book is now available for ordering from Broadstone Books! (You will be able to order it from other booksellers, including Amazon, but it will cost a little more so why not support the small press?) It will be out on July 15!

“In days before selfies and social media, postcards were a ubiquitous feature of travel, providing both means of communication with friends and family while away, and souvenirs of journeys once back home. Even if not quite gone, they seem more than a little nostalgic now, as do many of the poems in Jeanne Griggs’ new collection,Postcard Poems. By choosing to present her poems as short notes that could fit on a postcard, she has opted for a formal brevity; and the conceit of holiday communication allows her to write both about place (so that her poems are often both ekphrastic and epistolary – a…

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