Image captured on Saturday’s walk at a conservation district.

The juncos have returned, and when my husband and I depart each weekday morning, only streetlights illuminate the sidewalks for the first mile of our walk. Autumn has arrived — as has rain, which, so sorely needed all summer, has greened the lawn for dormancy and duped the dying begonias into rebirth, even as the oaks bury everything in yellow and brown leaves.

Punctuated by long nights and scented by benign smoke and wet leaves, the period between first frost and December is my favorite part of the year. The furnace is pressed into service by 5 a.m., and I, now be-sweatered and -socked from rising until bedtime, begin yawning before 6:45 p.m., but the rest is a sort of everyday magic, from the perfect circles bored into the pumpkins by what I imagine to be a stout but agreeable-enough nocturnal animal to the prehistoric trumpeting of the sandhill cranes as they gather in ever-widening circles over our home before beginning their journey away from the prairie; from the slant of the afternoon sun on the living room floor to the color of the sky when I collect the mail; from best-of booklists to seasonal menus… I adore autumn.

What is your favorite season? Why?

3 thoughts on “Autumn

  1. Summer is my favorite season because I love the heat and light and color, plus it’s associated with most of my memories of travel (even to Argentina, a trip we made over the winter holidays when it was summer down there). Autumn is bittersweet and I don’t have the time to appreciate it, as it’s always the start of another school year for me.

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  2. Autumn, for much the same reasons you share. The world just seems…clearer in fall. I find summer exhausting in a lot of ways; oddly, autumn is when I start to rest and awaken again.

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