The year in books

Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve, and I have no intention of rushing through any of the several books I’m currently enjoying, so I am calling it at 208 books read this year. (As always, I have included only cover-to-covers.) Here is my complete list, here are all of the posts annotating that list, and here are a few numbers:

♦ 208 books read this year
♦ 84 fiction titles (not including graphic works)
♦ 48 non-fiction titles (not including graphic works)
♦ 7 poetry selections
♦ 49 plays
♦ 20 graphic works (6 of which were non-fiction selections)
♦ 55 rereads (i.e., books that I had first read sometime in the past, not this year)

As I’ve shared, my goals for this year were to read 100 books from my shelves (i.e., books in my collection before the end of 2020), including at least 24 non-fiction titles and at least one book from each of the following categories: Shakespeare (by, about, retold, etc.) poetry, NYRB, Kurt Vonnegut (by or about), Joyce Carol Oates, philosophy, art, and children’s / YA. I read 123 books from the shelves, 27 of which were non-fiction titles, and, I met each of the category challenges.

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