It is not immediately apparent in this image, but the condensation looked like fine fur or feathers.

My feet possess divining rod qualities; they suss out every stray nut, garden rock, patch of ice, and unyielding stick on our neighborhood’s sidewalks. Once you’ve taken as many spills as I have, you know to keep one eye on the ground, which is how I found the unexpected arrangement featured in this post. 

Since I’m a fan of moments of serendipity / synchronicity / synthesis, I’ll mention that it first struck me as door decor. The house was painted this past spring, and some of my favorite door hangings don’t work as well with the new color scheme as they did with the old. Finding something for the transitional period between the winter holidays and late March had been on my mind when I noticed the storm drain. And I had recently borrowed a number of books on Joseph Cornell’s art, so it’s no surprise that it also looked like a collage.

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