4 thoughts on “(Re)reading Moby-Dick

    • Would you consider listening to an audiobook while reading the text? I adore William Hootkins’ narration, especially for a first reading. His performance indicates the narrative’s shape without rewriting or (over)interpreting the work — you know what I mean? Also, at some point, I discovered Cotkin’s Dive Deeper, which offers the sorts of asides I appreciate.


  1. Moby Dick scares me if I’m being honest. I am going to try and tackle Don Quixote this year, though. I think I’d like to approach it in a more comprehensive or layered way like you are doing with this one.

    In other news, LOVE The Strand bookmark. Mine is well worn but I still use it often. I’ve only been there once, but, WOW, THAT is a bookstore!

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