“This time it’s just simply my bedroom…”









I took the images above at the Art Institute’s “Van Gogh’s Bedrooms” exhibit, which runs through May 10.

■ “Parisian Novels” (1887)
■ “A Pair of Shows” (1887)
■ A letter to Theo
■ An early sketch of the bedroom from a letter to Theo
■ “Self-Portrait” (1889)
■ “A Corner of the Asylum and the Garden with a Heavy, Sawed-Off Tree” (1889)
■ “Thatched-Roofed Cottages of Jorgus” (1890)
■ “Hospital at Saint-Rémy” (1889)

3 thoughts on ““This time it’s just simply my bedroom…”

  1. Dang, seems you were able to at least get close enough to see the images then? We went and it.was.soooo.crowded

    (Found you from the WTM/BaW list. Freaked when I saw you were a Chicagoan or near ‘nuf. We read the same kinds of things apparently, except maybe graphic stuff, so I wanted to say hi. I’m/we’re in SWMI, get in to the city pretty regularly)


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