Jólabókaflóðið treasures

15AFF5D1-EC5A-44ED-93B9-294B3A19FB34My winter break is moving fast! My daughters, who spent Christmas week with us, have returned to Boston, and my husband and I have begun Part II of our two-week vacation. I know I’m not the only parent of adult children who wonders, “Where did the time go?” Today, though, I am choosing book talk over melancholic musings, so here are a few titles from my Jólabókaflóðið haul. More to follow.

One thought on “Jólabókaflóðið treasures

  1. The last of my four heads back to school soon … and my throat still catches every time we all go our separate ways all across the country. Where has the time gone indeed—- the years and also the past many days together— where did it go?
    But oh the adventures they get to have! That’s the part I keep reminding myself… would I take away those opportunities just so they could be near me? Near all of us together? No. Of course not. But still.

    But still.

    So. Taking your advice and getting lost in book lists and book goals for 2020. I love your recaps and groupings…. thank you for the effort you put into the lists and summaries. I’m sure I will find some new favorites among your treasures!

    Happy New Year!


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