6 thoughts on “New books

  1. Please let me know how Yang’s The War on Normal People is. I’d love to read it. May you & your family have a marvelously blessed & very Happy New Year!!


  2. Happy new year!
    I was wondering how you choose your books to read…. you yearly stack of read books is large, extensive and varied. I found part of the challenge for me is I must have a “book in waiting” to read next or I linger in “book hangover” or worse— book indecision!

    If I remember correctly you read multiple books at once… I can’t seem to do that. So any other advice, lists, book challenges or websites that keep you with books you want to read throughout the year?

    Also… do you try to finish all the books you start? Or, if the book just isn’t clicking for you, do you set aside after a certain number of pages ?

    Thanks for the help!


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    • Happy New Year, Ashley!

      The easiest question to answer is the last: I do not finish every book I begin. Some don’t deserve that sort of commitment (e.g., poorly written); some do not require that sort of commitment (e.g., topical books from which I just need some basic information). Sometimes, though, it’s just not the right time for a book, so I reshelve it, making a note to return later.

      Just this year, I started keeping track on Goodreads in addition to here and in my reading journal. I love Robin’s 52 Books in 52 Weeks, which I linked. She also hosts the weekly discussion on the WTM boards.

      Let me stew on your questions and return to this topic when the break concludes.


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