The annex

Last weekend, we traveled to Michigan to visit our daughters. We also added one more bookcase to the annex, resulting in what my older daughter has dubbed, a “book-sort-cation” — that is, shifting, dusting, and reorganizing the library to make the best use of the space. So, yes, I did fall a wee bit behind on my reading schedule, but I am now completely caught up. (The courses and groups are listed in the sidebar.)

The recommended text for “Reading the Odyssey” (which begins this week) is the Emily Wilson translation. Others have already praised it (here, here, here), but allow me to add my voice to the chorus: What a lucid and riveting rendition.

2 thoughts on “The annex

  1. I, too, am a fan of the Emily Wilson translation. She was a lively presence on Twitter while working thru the text. Very very interesting. It’s worth having another translation or two on hand to compare with Wilson’s.

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