Seen at the Museum of Science and Industry

Of course, this model of the whaler Alice Mandell attracted my attention.
“Hast seen the White Whale?”

My childhood bicycle featured a seat like the red one.

Following its capture, the U-505 was renamed the USS Nemo
to prevent the Germans from realizing it had not sunk.
A Moby Dick reference began our visit; a 20,000 Leagues reference concluded it.

“And many consider themselves loners.”

From Jessica Bruder’s Nomadland: Surviving America in the Twenty-First Century (2017):

p. 88
For this community, making an effort to gather in person was no trifling thing. Members spend much of the year scattered across the country. Often they lack the gas money to drive long distances in a straight shot. And many consider themselves loners. Among the hermits, RV Sue has cultivated an especially solitary reputation, pleading with her blog readers not to drop in on her campsites unannounced, explaining that “blogging suits me well because I can interact with all kinds of interesting people without having to actually meet them.” Some of her fans have written about coming across a familiar seventeen-foot Casita during their travels — then realizing who that trailer belonged to and immediately hightailing it in the other direction.