At the Detroit Institute of Arts

The above are my images of detail from the following works:

Congress of the Peoples for Peace by Frida Kalo (1952)
Ballerine — Tête de mort (Ballerina — Skull) by Salvador Dalí (circa 1939)
— Foundation Tablet of Sin-kashid, King of Uruk (1800 BCE)
— Ewer with Ginseng Leaves (1100s to 1200s)
Robert Barr by James McNeill Whistler (circa 1884-95)
— The Power of Satire by J. Michallon
— Untitled by Zao You-ki (1957)
Animals in a Landscape by Franz Marc (1914)

One thought on “At the Detroit Institute of Arts

  1. A strange compendium of sights. Another nearby site worth visit is the Cranbrook Academy of Art. Not sure about their collection, but the architecture is sublime. IMO

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