In the readerly restlessness that has followed the conclusion of Don Quixote, I finished All the Beauty in the World: The Metropolitan Museum of Art and Me (Patrick Bringley; 2023) and Project Hail Mary (Andrew Weir; 2021). While visiting my daughters last week, I started reading Lessons in Chemistry (Bonnie Garmus; 2022), but I haven’t touched it since returning home. Nothing is “sticking” right now, which is fine. The weather has finally turned, so garden and yard work await me; I’ve already mowed and trimmed several times. May and September are generally the months I schedule healthcare appointments. And the spring semester is concluding, so I’m finishing up some pieces in my music lessons and choosing projects for the summer months, as well as preparing to play two graduation concerts with the community band.

While walking, I have been listening to the bird chorus and Cervantes’ Don Quixote, a Open Yale Courses program comprising twenty-four lectures delivered by Professor Roberto González Echevarría. 

2 thoughts on “Acquisitions

  1. I read Project Hail Mary when it came out (reviewed May 17, 2021) and recently listened to the audiobook while on my second all-day road trip in one week. It was really good for that–all the detail about how Grace has to make the ship work felt appropriate for my own herculean-seeming effort, including I-80 during a horrendous downpour when no one could see through the windshields but most of them kept going at high speed anyway.

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    • I read the early chapters but listened to the remaining chapters on the drive home from Michigan. My weather was much better than you describe, but I agree that it was perfect for the car.

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